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3B meme: 

[4/6] Characters: Scott McCall.

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It’s great…


to be back.


I never thought I would say that.

You left?

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Don’t sound so surprised, I can do the romance thing. Yeah, then I come home with a new one everyday, and she’ll end up killing me. 

I mean I’m not that surprised. That couldn’t be too good for the dogs either.

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My wife. Of course it’s a cute puppy, I picked it.

Wife, wait you’re married? You should try coming by the vets, we always have too many.

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Think Aria would notice if I brought home another one?

Don’t really know who Aria is… But its a cute puppy?

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i will not ask you where you came from
i will not ask you and neither should you
honey just put your sweet lips on my lips
we should just kiss like real people do

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Mmm, I’m used to Nola. Everything’s…bigger. 


Oh god, I would kill for a pizza. Any idea what it’s called?

Nola.. OH you mean New Orleans. Wow what are you doing here then?

I think its just a Pizza Hut, but still pretty good. Better than rubble burgers.

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…Do you need something?

Not really….. Wait.. Kate!?